1st March 2016: The situation in Calais has worsened. What can people in Ireland do?

Over the last few days the situation in Calais has worsened.

Things people in Ireland can do right now:
(thanks to Rachel Mantell)

1. Donate (care4calais.org)
---Emergency food and grab bag items are urgently needed- bottled water, tinned (ring pull) fish, dried fruit and nuts, good quality cereal bars, emergency foil blankets, wind up torches and 25l rucksacks.
---All the kitchens need donations and money and many need volunteers. Contact calaiskitchens@gmail.com or go to the Calais kitchens page for details. 
----Urgent needs can be bought on leisurefayre.com (click the Helprefugees banner) and will be delivered right to the warehouse. Lots of people lost everything today, and desperately need warm clothes and sleeping bags/blankets. 
---please go to 'phone credit for refugees and displaced people' to top up phones (and buy replacement phones) for people desperate to let friends and family know they are ok or where they are. 
---fire extinguishers. No magic delivery fairies for this one- please take them over if you can get hold of them.

2. Witness. 
Make noise...Share posts, tweet, write to your TD (http://tinyurl.com/jcnrt52
TD's email addresses: http://tinyurl.com/znwurpq). Demand that the right of family reunion is respected. I know it feels a bit futile, but we need to stand up and be counted.

Attend the ‪#‎JeSuisCalais‬ Hands off Calais Picket at the French Embassy, Dublin
Thursday, 3 March @ 18:00

Solidarity with Refugees in Calais. Don't demolish the refugee camps.

3. Volunteer (How to: http://tinyurl.com/hg9eh57)
PLEASE only go through the organisations so they know who is onsite for safety reasons and so you can be most effective. They know how to get things safely to where they are needed most. If you are going, please be clear about what for. Please contact the associations by email or through their websites/Facebook pages and be patient. The long term volunteers are understandably very distressed at the moment (and quite angry!) and are desperately trying to support their friends.