Support the goup cooking fabulous dishes every week - a basic right that is denied to people living in Direct Provision.

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We continually raise money for getting folks from the DP centres to our Solidarity Dinners.


Help Refugees



Help Refugees originated when Radio X presenter Lliana Bird, writer and TV presenter Dawn O’Porter, activist and comedian Heydon Prowse (BBC’s The Revolution Will Not be Televised) and friend Josie Naughton set up the hashtag #HelpCalais to raise funds and collect goods in response to the current refugee crisis. The public response was overwhelming and since then they have evolved into a charity (under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund) with the aim to provide aid to meet the basic human needs of refugees.


We are currently facing a humanitarian crisis of global proportions, the Syrian Civil War has created over 4 million refugees alone, and with millions more fleeing brutal civil wars and violence in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Sudan (to name a few) there are close to 60 million displaced people in the world, more than any time since the Second World War.

Help Refugees is a charity (under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund) - charity number 1099682

With the continued public support we are receiving, we have registered as a charitable fund (under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund) – charity number 1099682 and are committed to providing further aid to meet the basic human needs of refugees, and to do so in a manner which maintains their dignity.

Care4Calais is the brainchild of Clare Moseley who in the summer of 2015 decided to go to Calais to be of assistance to the residents of the camp. She has remained in Calais ever since supporting the residents of the camp.

To date they have distributed

  • 18223 - Clothes & Shoes
  • 16206 - Food Parcels
  • 11525 - Sleeping Bags & Blankets
  • 2405 - Hygiene Parcels

Volunteers from RAMSI have worked with Care4Calais on the ground in "The Jungle" and fully stand by the charity. We are thrilled to have them come on board to enable RAMSI to get funds to where they are needed most.

Care4Calais is a UK registered charity number 1169048 and a French registered association number W626003482.

Phone Credit for Refugees

Phone Credit For Refugees is an organisation that provides vital phone credit to refugees and displaced adults and children across Europe

The group organisers are Rhian Prescott and James Pearce.

To date they have supplied over £100,000's worth of phone credit to displaced adults and children allowing them to make contact with loved ones, stay up to date with news from home and even summon emergency life saving assistance.

Phone Credit for Refugees is a charitable fund under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund Registered Charity Number: 1099682.

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